Get bitcoins for free

Get bitcoins for free

How can I get bitcoins for free? that is a common question that some people ask themselves and the answer is Yes, you can get bitcoins for free. There are many ways to get bitcoins for example: playing games, faucets, mining, and so on. In this post I'm going to explain three of them.

  1. Get bitcoins from faucets
  2. Get bitcoins from Games
  3. Get bitcoins from PPC

Before start you need to have a bitcoin address, you can learn how to get one in my article "What is a bitcoin address and how to get one?".


Get bitcoins from faucets

This is one of the most common and easiest way to get the first satoshis for free, the faucets are websites that give you an amount of satoshis some times per day, you only need to go to the page introduce your address and solve a simple captcha. This pages usually get the money from the adverticement in the page and share their incomes with the users. Every faucet have different rules of time and the amount of satoshis to give but all have in common the possibility to get good money only investing a litle of time. We have a list of faucet in the home page and a navigate tool that allow you navigate through the faucets in a single page and optimize your time.


Get bitcoins from Games

Playing games for bitcoins is other way to get some money for free, there are games online or games for your smartphone, I need to say that the games for smartphones are more profitable and I recomment you to try with them. There are a variety of games, for example RPG, logic, ability, roulette, action and puzzle.

Smartphone games

  • Bitcoint Aliens: is an action game in what you have to kill aliens from the space.
  • Free Bitcoins: with this game you can get a random amount of money and you have to test your luck.
  • Abundace: is similar to "Free bitcoins" game.
  • Block chains: in this game you have to build block chains.

You can find this game in the following page

Web games

  • Gold day: is a roulette game that you can play every 10 minutes.
  • Satoshi Quiz: you can earn some satoshis demonstrating your knowledge.
  • CoinBrawl: is a RPG game in what you have to fight with other players.
  • Casino games: in this page you can earn some satoshis for free and bet in different casino games to multiply money.
  • MyBitMine: in this game you have a mine and it's needed make some action to get different minerals.


Get bitcoins from PPC

There are some page that pay you for click and visit different page of the advertisers for short period of time, and this is a good way to collect money with zero investment. But I'll just mention the most profirables.


As you can see there are three different ways to collect your first bits to reach a bitcoin for free, in all of them you only need to invest short periods of time and that is prize with some satoshis and you know satoshis is equals money. What are you waiting? go now and test with this methods and collect bitcoins for free.